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Our Church Groups

Craft Group

The group learns to quilt, make stuffed toys for children, embroider, jewelry and other crafts. The group is open to anyone in the community.  The group plans to make crafts for an eventual craft fair. By teaching and learning new crafts, the group can reach and help others. It is also a time to fellowship with others.

The Arts and Crafts Group meets on Fridays from 10.00am – 12.00pm in the Conference Room at the Church.

Contact person: Renee Robinson, email  or simply come on Fridays at

Choirs and ensemble

Caribbean Alliance

The Caribbean Alliance Group of First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville consists of Caribbean immigrants and/or descendants of Caribbean immigrants, who are either members of First Church or attend First Church.  

It was formed 20 years ago by Rev. Michael Graham, a Jamaican minister, then a Wesley Theology Seminary student, serving as a student pastor at First Church.  He was glad to find members who were of Caribbean background in the congregation, and surprised that they did not know each other!

Our Mission is consistent with the broader multi-cultural mission of First Church.  

We are successfully active in three different areas:-

our local church, in the Caribbean and in the Washington DC Metro area.

Some of our accomplishments at the Church are as follows:

 hosted contests for First Church children in reading, writing and arts, to stimulate and provide opportunities for them to develop and express themselves.  

 refurbished the youth room and sponsored youth for youth camp.

 partnered with the African Heritage group to buy furniture for the church

 made financial contributions to the Roof fund and other Church projects

 providing gifts for the Angel Tree program through the Church Missions Team

 sponsoring two families in Washington DC, during Christmas, through a Capitol Hill Parenting Association.

 We are able to accomplish all that we do via fundraisers (sponsored bus trips – one day beach/shopping trips or week long trips), paid luncheons and dues from members of the group.

Mission in the Caribbean

Our mission in the Caribbean has so far been limited to monetary donations and barrels to churches and other Caribbean organizations for disaster relief and in one instance to help in rebuilding a church after hurricane damage.  We have contributed to a scholarship fund for a school in Jamaica, which allows teenage mothers to finish their secondary education.

We enjoy family picnics, lunches, and shows. Meeting times- 4th Sundays after the 11:00am service in room 201.  We welcome new members to our group.  All that is required is that you are either from the Caribbean, be of Caribbean descent, know someone from the Caribbean or like Caribbean food.  Call Pamella Miller -301-927-6133 if you would like more information about the group.

African Heritage Group

Mission Statements

Our mission is to create a nurturing, stable, and culturally diverse African family environment which encourages and promotes sense of identity, and the welfare of our members and their families, preserve and stimulate African (and American) intercultural and Methodist church/religious values. Develop fellowship and understanding among  members through group meetings and activities; supporting the church through volunteer work and financial contributions; Fostering developmental solutions for our youths to become accomplished, productive, and responsible Christian adults.

AHG is a nonprofit church-based organization formed by the collaboration of collective and culturally diverse African family environment at The First United Methodist Church Hyattsville, Maryland.  AHG provides to the First United Methodist Church, Hyattsville, Maryland a forum to identify with the Africans in the church community. AHG strives to:

  • Unite all Africans at the First United Methodist Church Hyattsville in a cohesive Christian family that promotes love, unity, and great sense of identity.
  • Promote African heritage and values that are consistent with shared Christian faith, values, and beliefs as are enjoined by the Methodist Church.
  • Support the First Methodist Church of Hyattsville, Maryland, financially and functionally.
  • Provide awareness programs to enrich our members/children with religious, educational, skills, and other personal developments.
  • Participate and represent Africans at all events of the First United Methodist Church of Hyattsville.


  • Meetings shall be conducted on the second Sunday of every month immediately following the 11am Sunday service or as may be re-scheduled by the AHG president.
  • Meeting shall be conducted in the First United Methodist Church premises.

President of the group Sam Dina
Click here for current AHG Officers

Photos of AHG Events


United Methodist Women of First United Methodist Church

The First United Methodist Women's Ministry (UMW) is a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.  

Meeting Time: 1st Saturday of the month at 9.30am.  

President of the group Zenobia Oyenyga

United Methodist Men of First United Methodist Church

The purpose of the United Methodist Men of First Church is to provide a dedicated ministry that builds men spiritually and involves men in evangelism and the mission and spiritual life of the church.  

This purpose is served as men learn to model themselves after the servant leadership of Jesus Christ in our homes, businesses and communities.

United Methodist meet on the first Saturday of the month at 9.00am.

President of the Group - Garnett Henley