Health and Wellness Mission


Assist our membership in attaining a quality of life that promotes spiritual well-being. Active, faith-based discipleship requires that our bodies and minds work properly, based on choices that nurture optimal physical, mental, and social well-being for all cultures.


An open, empathetic congregation whose members use all of the health and wellness tools available – information, health care services, support groups and networks – in enabling them, their families, and their neighbors and friends to live rewarding lives.


Referral and Information - provide in readily accessible form information we need in achieving our health and wellness goals.

Education – offer knowledge-based and skill-building classes and seminars that help us in making better health and wellness decisions.

Screenings – facilitate early diagnosis of conditions such as high blood pressure (hypertension), prediabetes, diabetes, and HIV/ AIDS.

Fellowship – assist in planning healthy meals and snacks for other ministries, for an existing church event, or just to be creative and have fun.

Emergency Services – serve as a first respondent in addressing the on-site medical needs of our church family.

Meeting Information:

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